Video Marketing Strategy Tips

For some reason every time we discuss marketing video production we think about a box office hit that costs over $50,000.

Why is that?

Not every video needs to cost $50,000. On the flip side, not every video budget needs to cost under $2,000.

As marketers we have a definition problem. What type of video are we creating and for what purpose?

YouTube has helped brands define videos that are a part of the larger content marketing strategy.


YouTube defines Hero videos as large-scale moments to raise brand awareness. This type of video is meant to be a moment of inspiration for a larger audience. Hero videos help people understand your business. What is your brand character? How does your brand make people feel?

Hero videos are not just corporate initiatives. At companies each line of business has a story to tell. What story, product launch, or industry event defines your line of business?


Hub videos are defined as regularly scheduled push content designed for your prime prospect. This type of video is scheduled regularly throughout your content strategy. It is used to target customer passion and pain points.

Many times, a customer is the protagonist of the story. Hub videos should not talk about your product or service, they should educate the viewer by solving customer problems.

By making your customers the protagonist, you allow them to help tell your brand story.


Hygiene videos are defined as always on pull content. Videos that are constantly attracting customers to your brand. What is your audience actively searching for?

According to new data released by Google, searches beginning with the term “how-to” have grown 70% YoY on YouTube.

Hygiene videos are meant to educate your customers. These videos include product tutorials, how-tos, and customer service content.

Problem Solving

As marketers we need to realize video is not something to be taken lightly. Video content needs to be a large part of our overall content strategy. Video cannot be a last minute addition to a blog post or landing page. Plan out what problem you are trying to solve for your customer and define the appropriate type of video that needs to be created.

What role is your video playing in the larger marketing strategy?

  • Building awareness
  • Influencing consideration
  • Driving sales
  • Growing loyalty

By defining our videos we can become more strategic in our content planning. We can allocate budgets to video production throughout the year. Each video asset should have a defined role in the marketing mix.

To strengthen your YouTube skills check out these free online lessons.