The Importance of Visit Duration on Your Website

Marketers are always looking for ways to prove that strategies are working. There are hundreds of goals and indicators that marketers look at on a monthly basis. Many marketers use visits and referrals as key performance indicators for their social marketing strategy. While both metrics are ideal for proving growth, there are two metrics that help prove the effectiveness of your marketing:

Average Session Duration: The average length of time that a user from a specific source spends on your website.

The longer people spend on your website, the more information they are consuming about your products and services.

Pages Per Session: The average number of web pages a users visits during their time on your website.

The more pages a user visits, the more content they consume from your site.

Lets take a look…


At first glance you may think that Pinterest is the most valuable social network to this website. It brought in the most visits during the selected time period. While Pinterest did bring in the most visits, it also has the lowest average session duration. Making these visits have very little value. Here are three takeaways from the social referrals above.

Key takeaways:

  • Pinterest provides the least valuable social followers. Pinterest provides the most sessions, but on average those sessions only last 19 seconds. Meaning users spend very little time on the website.
  • LinkedIn provides the most valuable social followers. On average, site visitors spend almost 2 minutes on the website and visit more than two pages.
  • Facebook provides the second most valuable social followers. While LinkedIn has the longest average visit duration, Facebook is close behind. Facebook also provides also four times the number of visits.

Action items:

  • Focus energy and time on growing your audience on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Share valuable and unique content to Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Encourage Facebook and LinkedIn followers to join your email newsletter list. Entice them with value.
  • Create a funnel for Facebook and LinkedIn visitors to enter your website and eventually visit your most valuable pages.

Marketers are constantly trying to prove ROI for their clients. Business owners are trying to figure out what marketing initiatives provide the most value to their company. While referral visits are important from outside sources, make sure to look at the average session duration and average number of pages your followers visit. This will give you a better indication on which sources provide users that are truly interested in your site content.