As a social media marketer I am always looking for new ways to reach my target audience with quality content. Buffer is the best way to schedule and distribute content to your various social media pages. Below are my two favorite application integrations for Buffer.

Followerwonk by Moz

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Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics tool built by Seattle analytics software company Moz. Followerwonk has many capabilities including analyzing your followers on Twitter. Followerwonk supplies users data and insights including:

  • Locations of Your Followers
  • Active Hours Your Followers are on Twitter
  • Most Active Hours Followers Interact with You
  • Authority Score of Followers
  • Gender of Followers
  • Number of Followers of Your Followers
  • How Often Your Followers Tweet

As a marketer you need to broadcast quality content to your audience when they are online. Meet your audience where they spend their time. Followerwonk has integrated with Buffer to schedule tweets when your audience is most active on Twitter. With one click you are able to schedule preset times to share on Buffer when your audience is online.

Analysis of denhoff_ s Twitter followers Followerwonk

Once you analyze your followers, set the number of times you plan to tweet per day. Simply click, schedule at Buffer. Once this is done, you will see your Buffer schedule automatically updated. Moving forward, when you Buffer a tweet to be delivered, it will automatically post At one of your pre-scheduled times.

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Feedly Sharing Integration

Feedly is a custom news application. As a user, you are able to subscribe to various blog feeds. You are able to customize your blog feeds into categories similar to a custom newspaper. photo

As a social marketer you need to share great content regularly. Share others content that your audience will be interested in. Give credit where credit is due. As you continue to share others quality content, they will hopefully return the favor. Your industry is a community that thrives for great information. With Feedly you are able to educate yourself with relevant and timely information, as well as share it with your audience.

Social Marketing Strategies Tact...

On a daily basis consume and share great articles. Feedly has integrated with Buffer to make this process simple. When you find an article you want to share with your audience, simply select the Buffer icon. A Buffer window will automatically open with a suggested headline and link. You are able to customize your post and schedule it to broadcast to your social networks.

By integrating Followerwonk and Feedly with your Buffer application you can be a more effective marketer. One who shares valuable information on a daily basis, when your audience is online. These are just a couple of tools that allow social marketers to improve their craft.