How staffing firms can spread social content with the click of a button.

When speaking with a client last week I was asked “How often should I post on social media?” My response: “At least twice a day. Minimum” My client: “So you want me to quit my day job?” (sarcastically of course)

While social media seems like a tedious on-going task that many staffing owners do not have the time and resources for, it will only take 10 minutes a day to give your firm a basic social presence. I suggest that you incorporate social sharing as a part of your morning routine. You walk into the office, get a cup of coffee, and sit down to check you email. You read emails from clients and candidates as well as newsletters and industry related articles.

Your job as a business is to provide educational resources to your audience. If there are any articles, blogs, or videos that you find will be a great resource for your employers or candidates, simply share it to your company page. The easiest way to share is Buffer. Buffer is a social sharing application that allows users to connect all of their personal and/or company social media accounts. Buffer allows users to share relevant content directly from their browser, website, or phone (iOS and Android).

Buffer   Connect 1

You can install Buffer as an add-on to your web browser, as well as an app on your phone.

buffer 2

Once you find relevant content on the web that will be a resource for your clients and candidates simply hit the Buffer button and it will auto-generate a social post for you. You will click the social sites you would like to post to and simply share, buffer your post for later, or schedule your post.

buffer 3

In addition to content you find online through your email, journals, and websites share your company blog posts, eBooks, and resources. I encourage you to have your employees install Buffer as well and share company content regularly. Social media is a tool to broadcast your story and draw visitors back to your website. Coffee with a side of Buffer once a day will give your staffing firm a basic social media presence that will allow your to share valuable resources with your candidates and clients. For an advanced tutorial of Buffer, watch the video below: