Marketers and event coordinator’s are always looking to add a new dimension to an event. If one has access to a computer and projector they can add the dimension of social media and live conversation at any event. I recently came across Twitter fall is a free site, that allows individuals to connect their personal or organizations Twitter feed directly to the site and manage the live feed at an event. Audience members at your event simply need to tweet using their personal Twitter; they do not need to connect to Twitter fall. With Twitter fall, you as the host are able to plug-in specific hashtags and mentions that will show up on the Twitter fall feed. Essentially filtering the feed to be customized for your tags and audience. Before the event, inform the audience of your custom mention that will be displayed in the feed, so that they are able to participate in the conversation. Twitter fall allows for a presentation mode that is set up on a timer. By setting a timer, the Twitter feed will update as you see fit. This then can be projected onto a wall or screen at the event. Twitter fall also allows you to reply to individuals that are tweeting. The live curating will allow you to direct the conversation in any direction you see fit. Also, responding will answer any questions in the audience and encourage others to participate. For a full list of Twitterfall features be sure to visit their website.

Additional Features Include:

  • Link Expander
  • Trend Information
  • Conversation Viewing
  • Picture Preview
  • Excluding Terms and Users

By adding Twitter fall to your next event, attendees will be able to converse over Twitter, and can communicate without actually having a face-to-face conversation. By having the feed projected in front of the event, you are adding not only a conversational element, but a visual element. The attendees will feel enticed to see their opinion on the wall, and have others respond. The intriguing conversations by guests are then projected for the entire event to see, encouraging more interaction. With the amount of professionals on social media, your next event is not complete without a live Twitter conversation.