(This entire post was written courtesy of Siri on my iPhone)

I read recently the organic results in Google are the life or death of your company. When it comes to organic search results a lot of companies take it for granted. Smaller businesses need to be able to be found in sites such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. You can pay for Google ad words to be at the top of the page, but many small-business owners don’t have the funds to pay for this. So how do you improve your rank in search results when someone types in your name or the industry in your area? The answer is SEO. Search engine optimization is the key to improving the organic Google search results. Google sends what they call bots into the web looking for specific keywords, text, and links. When posting something on your website or blog you need to be able to hit the key areas the Google’s looking for. You want to improve the title of your page, your page description, and your keywords/tags. By improving these three elements Google bots can see specific keywords that you’re using and see that they’re being used regularly. Therefore, when someone searches for those keywords your site, page, or blog has a better chance of showing up in the search results. Small-business owners must realize that although multimedia content such as video and images are attractive they’re not positive for your SEO. Text is the main type of media that Google is looking for. When trying to develop a page title, description, and keywords keep in mind your business, your industry, and your location. Think about if you were sitting down at your computer and we’re going to search Google; what would you type in? In the digital age you must have a presence online. Just be sure to optimize your presence. 90% of traffic to a website or online page comes from organic Google results. This is the key to your success online. If you use WordPress as a CMS, or content management system, there are various plug-ins that will allow you to optimize your site as well as your blog. My favorite is the All-in-one SEO Pack. All-in-one SEO allows you to automatically type a page title, description, and keywords into any page or post. Produce substantial quality content and keep these elements in mind; and your results will sky rocket. Keep improving your presence online and don’t forget your SEO.