While the print newspaper begins to fizzle out, the importance of the press is still prevalent. Journalists are still held to the highest standard, and need to provide the citizens with accurate content. The title of journalist seems to be falling quickly as  print newspapers are pushed aside. The modern day journalist must embrace the capabilities of the internet. More journalists are turning to Twitter as a way to communicate with their audience immediately. While Twitter is a great way to spread immediate news, it only allows for a 140 character headline. The modern day journalist must be able to put together multimedia presentations including: video, photo, audio, text, and interactive media. As news outlets turn towards online media, journalists must adjust their skill set. Communication students seeking a career in journalism must be fluent in video editing, web design, photo taking, and audio editing. By having these skills journalists can provide readers with a complete story, offering more forms of media to help tell the story from all angles.

Multimedia Journalist Skills:

  • Video Editing – Video is the only form of media that can show action. Journalists must be able to take video with a small device including flip cams and smart phones for on the spot coverage. Once the raw footage is taken, the journalist must be able to edit the video using programs such as Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Windows Movie Maker.
  • Photo Taking – While anyone can take photos with their phone, journalists must understand the basics of photography. There are five elements of photography that I believe all professionals must follow to capture the tory.
  • Web Design – While a journalist is not a web designer or graphic designer, they must understand the way the web is put together. They must have presentation skills that transfer to a web page, or a tablet.
  • Audio Editing – While journalists have been recording quotes from sources for print media, the digital age allows for  audio recording and editing in a short time period. Journalists will be able to compile audio clips to tell any story. Apple computers provide users with Garage Band, that is a simple program that will allow any journalist to edit and export their work efficiently.

Sites such as Storify allow story tellers to search social media platforms for quotes and media that anyone can use in their story. Journalists must be willing to embrace social media and provide another element to their stories. Traditional news outlets including the Wall Street Journal have embraced the digital revolution and have developed a digital strategy, what is yours?