Mashable reported that Twitter is selling old tweets to DataSift. DataSift will receive access to tweets dating back two years. The tweets will be analyzed for marketing purposes. DataSift analytics will allow companies to access trends relating to brands, businesses, financial markets, news, and public opinion. Twitter makes a majority of its revenue through advertising. It is estimated that Twitter will earn close to $400 Million in 2013.

With firms now analyzing tweets the gap between consumer and marketers will become even more slim. Marketers are gaining even more insight into the consumers thoughts and responses towards their product or service. Companies with the funds to access DataSift analytics should utilize the data to target consumers more efficiently. With the emergence of mobile media, marketers will now be able to reach consumers at any time. Tablets and smartphones will be common devices in a majority of American homes. Therefore, mobile marketers will become more important in reaching a mass audience daily.

College communication programs should be incorporating mobile advertising and marketing more into curriculums. The introduction of social media and smart devices make mobile marketing an essential part of any marketing plan that students must be aware of. 

The entire article is on Mashable