March 29th, Samantha Murphy of, reported on the social impact of the new Kindle Fire software. Kindle Fire software now allows readers to share quotes, passages, books, and notes over facebook and twitter. The new software also allows readers to see extra information bout the author and book. Amazon has also connected the Kindle to its own cloud so information can be shared over many devices.

Tablets and e-readers are on the rise and will eventually be a standard device for many American homes. Online content will be viewed over tablets, but e-books and magazines will be created specifically for tablet using interactive content. Amazon is taking the first step integrating electronic books with social sites. I believe that this will be a key for electronic forms of print in the future. Whether it is a newspaper, magazine, or book interactive and interconnected platforms keep readers engaged. Will struggling platforms, such as the newspaper, be able to utilize the capabilities of the tablet and the social interaction of online media?