February 24th, Harrison Weber of the Next Web, wroteSocialChorus launches as toolkit for managing your entire social media campaign. The advertising world has shifted away from one-way communication to a form of two-way dialog. Brands are realizing the benefit of reaching influential people over social media. SocialChorus provides companies a way to manage these relationships. SocialChorus allows companies to track their campaigns, analyze results, and reward influencers. Companies can import their own list of influencers into the SocialChorus database.

Social media gives individuals and companies various platforms to connect with others. All social media sites provide a user with a specific tool. For companies there are too many tools and platforms to connect with users. They must find a way to connect with users uniformly. By reaching out to consumers and influencers in a uniform fashion over various forms of media, companies are able to uphold their brand image. SocialChorus seems to allow companies to manage branding and influence uniformly. COMM 295 has introduced many new platforms to the students, and SocialChorus may be the one that helps manage them all.