January 13th, Erin Everhart, director of marketing at 352 Media Group, posted on how Google’s social search shift will impact business’s search engine optimization. The article on Mashable.com introduces Google’s launch of Search+. The new addition to the search engine inputs social results into your public search results. The catch is, the only social results that appear are from the social world of Google+, excluding Facebook and Twitter. For example if searching for “web designer” many of the top results could include content from your connections on Google+, not web designers in your area. With social results atop the page, it is more difficult for business to determine their rankings and for them to gain more traffic. In result, Google is emphasizing that businesses should create a Google+ brand page into their social marketing, therefore increasing your SEO. This may lead to a shift in the world of digital marketing.

Being an admin of multiple facebook pages I would like to see more interaction on Google+ between consumers and businesses before making the switch. If the search results begin to result in a large shift and our consumers lean towards Google, Google+ will be the next step in social media marketing.


For the entire article visit: http://mashable.com/2012/01/13/google-search-plus-your-world-seo/