The Facebook profile picture is a tool under utilized by many small businesses. We as social users are stuck in the idea that we can upload any photo and the standard image size is enough. Many large businesses have discovered the different qualities the Facebook interface offers for marketing. One specifically is the larger Facebook profile picture which can be used as a banner ad on your own business page. Example: Nike. The maximum picture size Facebook allows is 200 pixels wide by 540 pixels tall.

By utilizing the profile picture, businesses have a more visual advertisement that can be used to influence consumers. With a larger profile picture, you are able to influence consumers with more imagery as well as text. Small business owners should realize the importance of a social presence and how to manipulate the interface. I have used the larger profile picture for three specific companies pages that I control.

The Back Nine Grill is a Rochester, NY based Bar & Grill. The picture used was to announce the up coming Wood Fire Grill that was being added to the kitchen. Instead of simply sharing this addition to the restaurant in text, I used the Profile Picture to create a simple advertisement. Using the company logo and colors that match all promotional material, I was able to share the addition in a visual and informative manner. The picture was used 3 weeks in advance to build awareness in the community about the addition. The Profile Picture is the fist thing anyone views when they visit a page.

The Great Upstate Lacrosse League (GULL) is a Rochester, NY based lacrosse league for the top talent in the area. The league has produced a new Facebook page because it no longer wanted to use a group page as its main source of communication. The new business page is being used to inform players and fans of the league news and events. Registration currently is open and the profile picture is used as a call to action for any player. The picture not only uses the league logo but references the league website, while focusing on registration being “Now Open.”

The Pig is a College Bar in the Rochester, NY area. This Profile Picture was simply used to visually develop the bar’s brand. The Pig is known for its college crowd and atmosphere. The page used to simply have a small profile picture with the bar logo. This was  under utilizing the space and not expanding on the bar’s brand. The Profile Picture connects to the Facebook landing page with a specific color scheme and feel.