8 Reason’s Students Should Blog

On January 25th, 2012 Michael White, from ProBlogger.net, reported on the importance of students writing blogs. His first belief is that it can be used as a portfolio piece. It is a documented archive of work you have done and allows for images, video, and text.  Secondly, your blog can increase your personal SEO. By having a blog potential employers can Google your name and find your blog atop the list. Third, blogs allow you to interact with industry professionals. Fourth, blogging shows your determination. It is hard to blog relevant and interesting content on a daily basis. Fifth, your blog may let you build a reputation before you enter the professional world. Sixth, blogs allow you to test your ideas over a public form of media. Seventh, use your blog to connect to traditional forms of media. Finally, blogs can be used to earn money by sharing thoughts of an organization in a positive light.


Google Updates Takeout to Include Google Docs

On January 24th, 2012, Surat Lozowick, of the Next Web, discussed the new addition to Google Takeout. Google Takeout is an achieve system that allows users to store their information and then download it to any Google supported product, all at once. Google Takeout allows you to download multiple files you have achieved in various formats, whether it is PDF, RTF, HTML, and so on. The new development of Takeout includes support for Google Docs. Individuals can now store their word-based documents to their Google Takeout archive and download the file to any device in any format. This can be especially useful for students who tend to carry around a Flash Drive or email their documents to be printed. All academic files can be accessed from the Google server and downloaded in various formats to be compatible with assignments.