With the emergence of digital technology and consumer generated content the word “instant” has become the standard. Newspapers are facing the competition of social media outlets and other forms of media. Although true, the newspaper is still seen as a credited and trust worthy form of media. The daily newspaper must adjust like many of the national papers have. To do this they need to embrace the capabilities of the internet and emerging technologies.

Through the use of their online websites, newspapers must be able to tell their stories using all types of media. Online paper articles must integrate photos, video, podcasts, and links to other sources. By providing the reader with different media that touches on all of the human senses, the reader becomes more engaged. The New York Times utilizes all of these capabilities very well. http://www.nytimes.com/

While many individuals receive their news from online, the introduction of tablets into the family home brings a new element to the newspaper. Every morning you walk out onto your snow covered driveway (upstate New York) in your boots and robe to access the local paper. Picture walking down stairs with your paper delivered to your tablet on your kitchen table. While many papers have already integrated articles online, many of the national newspaper apps resemble websites.

Similar to The Times and The Telegraph local daily newspapers should have applications which interface resembles and actual in hand paper. The interface can look like a paper but still have interactive photo galleries, podcasts, links to other local media, and interactive comment forums to connect readers. The daily paper would still be able to sell advertising space and earn ad dollars to keep the paper afloat. The daily newspaper is not going to die, if it simply evolves.